CamFi Pro Plus Wireless Tether Shooting Tool, DSLR Camera Remote Controller and L Bracket

Wireless Tethering for 500+ cameras——Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus...Wireless tether the cameras which support USB tethering.
Support Capture One, Lightroom——Work with Capture One, Lightroom and more software directly as if connected with USB cable.Image instantly auto import to Capture One/lightroom when wireless tether shooting.Easy to edit pictures and improve efficiency.(It is only supported on PC that CamFi Pro Plus connects to Capture One/Lightroom. Not supported on moible or tablets connects to Capture One/Lightroom.)
Ultra fast transfer speed——Using 5.8G wifi and 802.11 ac to transfer the photos from the camera,max transmission speed reaches 10MB/s,which is 3 times faster than most of the built-in Wi-Fi cameras and other 802.11 n wireless camera controllers. By using 802.11 ac ,it makes strong anti-interference ability and transmission more stable.
Long-distance Wireless Transmission——With CamFi Pro Plus,the barrier-free transmission distance max reach 164 ft (60meters).
Transfer RAW+JPG Images——With the CamFi Pro Plus, you can shoot in RAW+JPG,and transfer both RAW+JPG on devices.(The Premise is your devices support to check the RAW images.

BUY - 350.00 (VAT included)
* an aditional extra shipping cost can be added if the weight overage the normal shippment cost. You will be informed about this by e-mail or phone in that case.