The kit consists of:

  • Mirror holder / main unit
  • Lithium battery and charger
  • Operating instruction
  • 1 Photo Mirror of your choice

Choose you stainless steel front surface mirrors:

BUY - 430.00 (VAT included)
* an aditional extra shipping cost can be added if the weight overage the normal shippment cost. You will be informed about this by e-mail or phone in that case.


Mist free surface of photo mirror due to the air ventilation

  • Air volume can be increased or decreased according to patient requirement and/or doctor preference via +/- keypad.
  • The air volume level will be indicated on the keypad via LED’s.
  • The last position of air volume level (after 30 seconds use) will be memorized for the next use.

Angulation of the Photo Demister Handle

  • More comfortable handling.
  • Better access for the digital camera.
  • Can be easily hold by patient (doctor can take photos without assistant).

Modified mirror clamp fixation system, made of stainless steel

  • Safe holding of the mirrors.
  • Easy One-Screw-Fixation of the mirror.
  • Photo-Mirrors can be fixed in the PMD at every side.

New material of PMD-Corpus

  • Contains silver ions – antibacterial influence.
  • Can be completely disinfected with a disinfection cloth.
  • No discoloration/changing of colour even after extended use.
  • Light weight.
  • More robust construction.

The LED light

  • Helps focusing of digital camera.
  • No blinding of patient eyes.
  • Dispersive light beam.

Charging of battery

  • Uncomplicated and very easy via standard Micro-USB connector.
  • Red LED indication of charging progress.
  • Battery overload protection.
  • Now available with EU & USA sockets.
  • Easy battery replacement - standard battery pack, used in many digital cameras of known brands.
  • Easy charger replacement - charger, used in many smartphones, tablets etc. of known brands.

Stainless steel mirrors

  • Better thermal conductivity than by glass mirrors – very quick adoption of patient body temperature.
  • More robust & long life than glass mirrors.
  • Mirror surface on both sides.
  • Easy to clean and sterilize (also ultrasonic cleaning).

Diverse accessories for more comfort

  • Sterilization cassette for photo mirrors – comfortable sterilization and storage.
  • Retractors made of stainless steel – very long life etc.