Video kit

The kit is composed of:

- 2 Led lights and 2 tripods. The Led video light has his own remote control and wireless conection with a smarthphone which allows you to control the intensity, the colour temeprature of the light and this control it is made with an appfrom App Store or google Play. The distance from where can be controled is about 15 m. the dimension of one Led light is 260 x 188 x 40 mm.
- Profesional photography studio chair ideal for portraits and video protocols. Made of high quality wood and material will give a PRO look to your studio.
- The ring led will came togheter with a tripod, his diameter is of 49 cm wid. it is a circular light lamp, with a variable colour temperature ( 5100-5500 k) and a power of 60 W. It is recomanded for macro, studio, product and fashion videos or Photos.

BUY - 900.00 (VAT NOT included)
* an aditional extra shipping cost can be added if the weight overage the normal shippment cost. You will be informed about this by e-mail or phone in that case.