Intensive hands-on - Private training for exclusive groups for one day

My promise is to make a dentist’s and technician’s life much easier when it comes to dental photography. The process will be simplified to allow you to achieve professional level dental photography.

We will organize one day course for small groups (members of a dental clinic) where we will do the best to take all dental professionals into greater levels of photographic proficency. The course provides a comprehensive hands on mix of technical equipment use, intraoral, close-up, laboratory, cross polarisation, portrait and artistic shooting for marketing.


Theoretical part

  • Equipment for dental photography
  • Settings for dental photography
  • Calibrating camera & lens for dental photography
  • Marketing & Facebook thru photography

Hands-On & Tips & Tricks part

  • Intraoral photography
  • Shade & Colour in dentistry
  • Crosspolarisation photography
  • Laboratory photography

Portraits & Close-ups in dentistry Hands-On part

  • Close-up photography Lips & Smiles
  • B&W portraits artistic
  • Headshots & Portraits with black and white background
  • Artistic photography and how to create posteres for your clinic or lab
  • How to create posters, flyers and marketing material